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YSU-BaccMed is a new partnership with NEOMED which is geared towards students with a passion for primary care medicine, specifically in rural and urban settings, and, more generally in medically underserved communities. High school students will apply to Youngstown State University and also fill out a separate YSU‐BaccMed application (in formation) with essays describing their interest in primary care and their experiences with healthcare access; YSU students already on campus will simply fill out the YSU‐BaccMed application. In their second YSU year, students have the opportunity to apply to NEOMED for conditional admission to the College of Medicine for one of 35 medical school seats.

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YSU STEM’s faculty are some of the best. Our faculty is always working hard, putting STEM on the map.

Most recently, Dr. Tom Wakefield, an associate professor in the Department of Mathematics and Statistics, has been named a Fellow of the Society of Actuaries.

In order to receive this title, applicants must already be members of the Society of Actuaries, along with completing a set of education requirements and passing various exams and completing and presenting a project. Dr. Wakefield did his project on quantitative finance.

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In a series of articles, YSU STEM will take you through some of the most complex jobs out there. We will explore the hows, whys, and wheres of these jobs. For this second article, we will take a look at civil engineers.

Civil engineers create the framework for our world, literally. Civil engineers deal with the design and construction of important structures that we come into contact with every day. The road you drove on to get to class today is there thanks to a civil engineer. But civil engineering is more than just roads, bridges and buildings.

Mark McDonough, YSU STEM graduate in engineering and current Civil Engineering Project Manager in the Telecommunications Division for the GPD Group in Akron, talked with us and told us exactly what he does with his engineering degree.

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