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Tutorials and Sample Labs

Each document opens in Microsoft Word format (backwards compatible to older versions).


About lab reports in Physics:

The purpose of a lab report is to record the results of an experiment and usually to compare those results to the predictions of existing theory. It should be a document that is clear and concise and should be understandable to anyone familiar with the basic scientific principles involved. It should be in logical order and easy to follow. Care should be taken to make sure that all data is clearly labeled and is accompanied by the proper units.

All data analysis should also be clearly labeled and explained, and attention should be paid to significant figures. The report should contain a quantitative assessment of the experimental error and a description of any possible causes of error. The report should end with conclusions that summarize the results of the experiment and are based only on the data and analysis contained in the report.

The sample lab report provided here is intended to be a guide to students who may lack experience in writing this type of document.  It is an example, not a template. Each experiment is different and therefore each report should be unique. 

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