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Physics Olympics



Saturday, March 7, 2015

Keep an eye on this page for updates

Entry deadline:
February 27, 2015 


Physics:  a science that deal with matter and energy and their interactions in the fields of mechanics, acoustics, optics, heat, electricity, magnetism, radiation, atomic structure, and nuclear phenomena.

Olympics: an ancient Panhellenic festival held every 4th year and made up of contests of sports, music, and literature; Olympic Games: a modified revival of the Olympian games held once every four years and made up of international athletic contests.

Combine these two and you have the annual YSU Physics Olympics, a gathering of high school students in competition designed to strengthen the mind, to demonstrate physics in applied settings, and to have fun.

2015 Updates:

  • The Mystery Problem competition has been elminated
  • New competition: House of Cards!
  • Check the rules for changes and clarifications, highlighted in yellow.
  • The song for Making Music: Hang on Sloopy
  • The theme for Physics Hang-Ups: Rotational motion
  • Registration remains at $20
  • No more free parking: those parking in Lot M24 (near McDonald's, across Fifth Avenue from Beeghley Center) will be charged $5 per car. For those bringing buses, contact Parking Services at 330-941-3546 for information about drop-off and parking.




For More Information:
Coordinator: Cynthia Smotzer
Ward Beecher Science Hall 2019
(330) 941-1349

Department of Physics & Astronomy
Ward Beecher Science Hall 2014
(330) 941-3616


Mandy Pachner
AllofE Solutions