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M.S. in Engineering Program Plans

Non-Thesis Plan

The non-thesis plan requires a total of 33 s.h. of course work. In addition to 12 s.h. of core courses, this plan requires 15 s.h. of area concentration courses, a 3 s.h. elective course, and a 3 s.h. special project course. The elective course may be selected to enhance the chosen technical concen­tration or to allow the addition of breadth by taking a course in another area. A graduate student enrolled in the special project course will be re­quired to defend the project's results by giving a presentation to the College faculty and students. Graduate students who choose this plan should select an area of concentration from the list below. Courses for each area are listed in the home departments' program options.

•  Civil and environmental engineering
•  Electrical and computer engineering 
•  Industrial/manufacturing engineering
•  Mechanincal engineering 
•  Chemical engineering
•  Solid/structural mechanics 
•  Environmental engineering/science 
•  Engineering management 
•  Energy/power systems/power electronics 
•  Control systems


For further information pertaining to the non-thesis plan, the graduate student may contact the home department Graduate Program Option Coordinator.

Thesis Plan

The thesis plan requires 30 s.h. of graduate course work. This generally consists of 9 s.h. of core courses, 15 s.h. of technical concentration courses, and 6 s.h. of thesis. This plan is strongly recommended for candidates who wish to continue their graduate studies beyond the master's degree. Recent baccalaureate degree students are also encour­aged to pursue the thesis plan. The thesis provides first-hand experience with experimental design, literature searches, research methodology and technical report writing and can lead to a higher level of expertise in the chosen area of specialization.

Management Plan

Students who have been in the work arena and are moving into an engineering management role may wish to choose this plan. The management plan requires a total of 36 s.h. of course work. In addition to 12 s.h. of core courses, a series of engineering and business courses totaling 21 s.h. are recommended in the description of the home depart­ment's graduate program option. The student must also complete a 3 s.h. special project course. For more information pertaining to this plan, contact the Graduate Program Option Coordinator of the home department.

Self-Directed Plan

A student may wish to develop his/her own plan of study. A series of courses may be selected to meet a specific pro­fessional goal or objec­tive. The student must meet with an advisor to develop a self-directed curriculum plan. A total of 33 s.h. of course work is required for non-thesis, and 30 s.h. for a thesis plan. Students pursuing the non-thesis plan must complete 3 s.h. special project course.  For more information pertaining to this option, refer to the home depart­ment's graduate program description or contact the home department Graduate Program Option Coordinator.

Early Placement Program for the Ph.D. in Engineering

Early placement programs for the Ph.D. degree in Engineering at the University of Akron and the Doctorate degree in Engineering at the Cleveland State University are available. Students accepted in either program are required to com­plete a minimum of 60 s.h. of course work and 12 s.h. of dissertation work at Youngstown State University. In addition, students may select their co-advisor from the engineering faculty at Youngstown State University. Students interested in such an early-pacement program should select the thesis plan for their MS program. For further assistance regarding these options and to initiate a letter of interest, contact the College of Engineering and Technology Graduate Program option coordinator in the student's are of interest.

·  18-August-2010

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