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Faculty Research Interests


Faculty research interests can vary widely. Primary interests are listed here. Contact faculty to discuss ideas you may have for research.


Dr. Jalal Jalali

Electromagnetics, Power systems, Power electronics, RF communication, Energy efficiency.

Dr. Frank Li
Wireless sensor networks, Applied magnetic fields, RF engineering, Software engineering, Computer networks.

Dr. Eric MacDonald
3D Printed electronics & multi-functional structures, Computer vision & control of additive manufacturing,
Low power chip design.

Dr. Faramarz Mossayebi
Control systems, Nonlinear dynamic systems, Chaos theory, Digital signal processing.

Dr. Phil Munro
Computer-aided design and modeling, Thermal effects, Solid-state devices.

Dr. Lin Sun
Electromagnetics & numerical methods, Wave scattering & propagation in complex media,
Inversion & imaging of subsurface structures, Signal integrity analysis in IC design.


·  05-Sep-2016 

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