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Dr. Ian J. Renne

photo of Dr. RenneDr. Ian J. Renne
Associate Professor of Ecology
Evolution and Ecology

ijrenne AT ysu DOT edu
WBSH 4057

B.S.   Syracuse University, 1992
M.S.   Clemson University, 1996
Ph.D.   Clemson University, 2001

Research Interests

Biological communities are complex, dynamic entities that are structured by ecological components which interact at multiple scales. In my research, I attempt to integrate factors that influence the invasibility of plant communities so that strategies can be devised to effectively manage community diversity and invasive plant species. I also have basic and applied interests in plant population biology and avian ecology as well as the ecological and evolutionary dynamics of allelopathic systems.

Selected Publications  (click on title to access PDF)

Renne, I.J., B.T. Sinn, G.W. Shook, D.M. Sedlacko, J.R. Dull, D. Villareal and J.L. Hierro.  2014.  Eavesdropping in plants: delayed germination via biochemical recognition.  Journal of Ecology 102:86-94.

Renne, I.J. and B.F. Tracy.  2013.  Disturbance intensity, timing and history interact to affect pasture weed invasion. Basic and Applied Ecology 14:44-53.

Saborse, J.A. and I.J. Renne.  2012.  Historic presence and absence of predator affects call structure of Black-capped ChickadeesWilson Journal of Ornithology 124:750-757.

Renne, I.J. and B.F. Tracy.  2007.  Disturbance persistence in managed grasslands: shifts in aboveground community structure and the weed seed bank.  Plant Ecology 190:71-80.

Renne, I.J., B.F. Tracy and I.A. Colonna.  2006.  Shifts in grassland invasibility: effects of soil resources, disturbance, composition, and invader size.  Ecology 87:2264-2277.

Tracy, B.F. and I.J. Renne.  2005.  Reinfestation of endophyte-infected tall fescue in renovated endophyte-free pastures under rotational stocking.  Agronomy Journal 97:1473-1477.

Tracy, B.F., I.J. Renne, J. Gerrish and M.A. Sanderson.  2004.  Effects of plant diversity on invasion of weed species in experimental pasture communities.  Basic and Applied Ecology 5:543-550.

Renne, I.J., B.G. Rios, J.S. Fehmi and B.F. Tracy. 2004.  Low allelopathic potential of an invasive forage grass on native grassland plants: a cause for encouragement?  Basic and Applied Ecology 5:261-269.

Renne, I.J. and B.F. Tracy.  2003.  The rich get richer - responses.  Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment 1:122.

Renne, I.J., W.C. Barrow, Jr., L.A. Johnson Randall and W.C. Bridges, Jr.  2002.  Generalized avian dispersal syndrome contributes to Chinese tallow tree (Sapium sebiferum, Euphorbiaceae) invasiveness.  Diversity and Distributions 8:285-295.

Renne, I.J., T.P. Spira and W.C. Bridges, Jr.  2001.  Effects of habitat, burial, age and passage through birds on germination and establishment of Chinese tallow tree in coastal South Carolina.  Journal of the Torrey Botanical Society 128:109-119.

Renne, I.J., S.A. Gauthreaux, Jr. and C.A. Gresham.  2000.  Seed dispersal of the Chinese tallow tree (Sapium sebiferum (L.) Roxb.) by birds in coastal South Carolina.  American Midland Naturalist 144:202-215.

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