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S2 Ranger X-Ray Fluorescence Spectrometer

The S2 Ranger is a mid-resolution X-ray fluorescence spectrometer capable to detect elements sodium and heavier. It is a compact instrument with built in vacuum pump with no need for liquid nitrogen, water-cooling, and other utilities often required for XRF instrumentation.

Operation is made simple through the intuitive touch-screen interface, which includes pre-calibrated solutions and Standardless Analysis. The operation of this instrument is very easy can be learned in a matter of minutes. Our instrument is used on a regular basis by our sophomore inorganic chemistry class by the students themselves!

The system is equipped with a 28 position X-Y auto sampler that can be preloaded for e.g. overnight or for remote access data collections. The auto sampler is always accessible, and new samples can be added at any time, even during a measurement. The S2 Ranger can be used for analyzing a wide range of materials from inorganic and ceramic materials to petrochemicals, polymers, coatings, food and water, paints, pigments and many more.

XRF Manual




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