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YSU Students Win Multiple Awards at the 2006 MAA MathFest

YSU students again represented the University at the 2006 MAA-PME MathFest
held August 9-12 in Knoxville, TN.

At the meeting, all of our students gave excellent presentations as
part of the PME Student Paper Sessions. The names of the presenters and
the titles of their presentations follow.

MathFest Presentations:

Leanna Cluff, "Probability on Death Row",
Tara Cruickshank, "Statistical Analysis of the Percentage of Body Fat in Men",
Carrie Davis, "Weighted Voting Systems",
Tyler Drombosky, "Comparison of Discrete Digital Audio using Statistical Methods",
Nick Gemuenden, "Modeling Simple Laminar and Turbulent Flames",
David Gohlke, "Introduction to and Applications of Markov Chains",
W. Ryan Livingston, "How Should We Invert This Matrix?",
David Martin, "A Solution to PME Journal problem 1113, Fall 2005",
Matthew Ward, "The Structure of the Clifford Algebra Cl_2".

At the 2005 MathFest, the students from YSU received an unprecedented
five awards; no school before that time had received more than three
awards at a meeting. This year, the YSU students again met expectations
of excellence. At the PME student paper sessions there were
49 students representing 32 Colleges and Universities. Ten awards were
given for Outstanding Presentations. Of these, five were presented
to YSU students.


Each winner received a check for $150.

Prize Winners (in alphabetical order):
Tara Cruickshank, David Gohlke, and David Martin were awarded
prizes due to a grant from the American Mathematics Society.

Tyler Drombosky and Nick Gemuenden were awarded prizes due
to a grant from the Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics.

Here is a picture of the students and faculty before leaving for Knoxville.

Here is a picture of the award winners. In the front row second
from the left is David Martin, a Junior Mathematics and Chemistry
major. Next from left is David Gohlke, a graduated Senior Mathematics
and Physics major. In the back row second from left is Tyler Dombrosky, a
Sophomore Electrical Engineering and Mathematics major.
Next to Tyler is Nick Gemuenden, a Senior Mathematics and Computer Science major,
and next to Nick is Tara Cruickshank, a Junior Mathematics
and Chemistry major.

Here is a second picture showing all the attending YSU students (and Jeff
Ward, the brother of Matt Ward). The front row from left are Jeff Ward
(a current student at Clarkson University), Leanna Cluff, Dr. J. Douglas Faires,
David Gohlke, and Matt Ward. In the back row are Tara Cruickshank,
Ryan Livingston (Sophomore Mechanical Engineering and
Mathematics major), David Martin, Tyler Dombosky, Nick Gemuenden,
and Carrie Davis (Junior Mathematics Education major).

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