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MAA Ohio Section Spring Meeting

The OHIO section meeting of the MAA held its annual Spring Meeting at the University of
Akron on March 31-April 1. Nine YSU students attended. The following 5
students gave presentations:

  • Leanna Cluff: "Probability on Death Row",
  • Carrie Davis: "Power Indices",
  • Dave Gohlke: "Introduction to Markov Chains and an Application to Nuclear Physics",
  • Beckie Grove: "An Application of Vibrational Analysis",
  • Matt Ward: "Equivalent Norm Coefficients".

YSU had 3 teams participate in the Student Problem-Solving Competition.
Team-1. Dave Gohlke and Dave Martin
Team-2. Tyler Drombosky, Leanna Cluff and Carrie Davis
Team-3. Ryan Livingston and Doug Wajda
There were a total of 29 teams participating from 15 different schools for a
total of 78 student participants.

YSU's team of Dave Gohlke and Dave Martin finished 3rd, and received a cash
award. 2nd place went to Kenyon College and 1st place went to Ohio Wesleyan.

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