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Faculty and Staff


The Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering is staffed by qualified teaching professionals with years of academic and industrial experience. The faculty keep abreast of the technological advancements in their specialty areas through continuous study, research, and professional development as well as through consulting and other interactions with industry and the community.

The department maintains a faculty-student ratio of approximately 1:20.


Department Faculty

      •  Jalal Jalali, Ph.D.
      •  Frank X. Li, Ph.D.
      •  Eric W. MacDonald, Ph.D.
      •  Faramarz Mossayebi, Ph.D.
      •  Philip C. Munro, Ph.D.
      •  Lin Sun, Ph.D.

Faculty Emeriti

      •  Robert H. Foulkes, Ph.D.
      •  Salvatore R. Pansino, Ph.D.
      •  Duane F. Rost, Ph.D.
      •  Matthew Siman, Ph.D.
      •  Samuel J. Skarote

Administrative Assistant

      •  TBA

Laboratory Coordinator

      •  TBA

Part-Time Faculty

      •  Joshua A. Blackann 
      •  Robert W. Caven 
      •  Edward R. Burden

Dr. J. Jalali
J. Jalali

Dr. F. Li
F. Li



E. MacDonald

Dr. F. Mossayebi
F. Mossayebi

Dr. P. Munro
P. Munro


Dr. S. Pansino
S. Pansino

Dr. Lin Sun
L. Sun 


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